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          [warm congratulations] the 2017 annual commendation meeting and 2018 kick-off me

          Release date:2018-03-23 11:02:00

          [warm congratulations] the 2017 annual commendation meeting and 2018 kick-off meeting of Nippon high temperature Co., Ltd. came to a successful end!

          Release date: March 23, 2018 reading times: 317

          Warm congratulations to Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. "happiness is a struggle" for the successful conclusion of the 2018 annual meeting in Hefei, Anhui Province!


          Grand ceremony of annual high temperature meeting of Japan and Singapore

          Warmly congratulate Hefei Rixin high temperature "happiness is the struggle out" 2018 New Year's party came to a successful end in Hefei Tongqing building, Anhui Province!

          In the past 2017, risine has made the most brilliant achievements in the history of development!The contract amount increased by 260% year on year!Mr. Xie Fanghui and Mr. Sun Zhiqiang, CO founders of Nippon high temperature, were invited to the conference to congratulate Nippon high temperature on its fruitful achievements today!


          2018In February, the beautiful moment of the recovery of all things, in the warm opening speech of the handsome, beautiful and elegant new host (Yue Chao, Zhou Chunyan), the grand ceremony of the 2018 new high temperature meeting of Japan opened!



          Recognition in 2017

          The management of enterprises is the operator. The core issue of the development of enterprises today is the team. As the saying goes, a pair of chopsticks is broken, and ten pairs of chopsticks are firmly bound.The management team and individual is the management enterprise, and the enterprise is a platform used to exchange commodity results.In this dynamic platform: creating and realizing value is the eternal theme of every post and team in the enterprise management.On the site of the annual meeting, four teams, namely, Nippon new high temperature advanced ceramics business unit, carbon materials business unit, production and production business unit, and financial comprehensive department, all of them "show their magic power" and ignite the whole meeting with the most intense team style display PK, bringing new vitality, new vitality, new hope and new power for 2018!




          2017In, each team of Nippon new high temperature passed the annual performance PK, and the advanced ceramics business department won the 2017 team performance sales champion with the completion rate of 195% of the contract value!


          2017In, the heads of each business unit and the contractors of each sector, through taking the initiative to undertake the rapid growth, achieved remarkable results, and achieved both material and spiritual harvest, setting a new example for the team!






          Personal commendation

          Growth comes before success.Only when employees grow up, can enterprises develop.It is an important measure for enterprises to help employees grow rapidly to reward and commend the employees who create results and take responsibility in time.In 2017, in the study and application of PK mechanism and counter gambling mechanism of enterprise rotation intelligent system, a group of excellent sales, technology, production and management talents emerged in Nippon new high temperature.









          Build a platform and dance at the top.Since learning the course of enterprise rotation, Nippon high temperature has conducted business segment segmentation under the leadership of general manager Zhang Shili Zhang, the co-founder of Nippon high temperature and head of the company.In the face of problems, finding mechanism and solving problems depend on the operation concept of mechanism, which truly realizes "I am the master of my territory, I bear my responsibilities, I enjoy my interests, and I experience my life"

          If 2017 is the most glorious year in our new development history, 2018 will be a year with more opportunities.With the birth of the fourth business unit of Nippon New Technology Co., Ltd., the market expansion of Nippon New Technology Co., Ltd. in the future will be wider and deeper.


          Cao Guofu, general manager of guorencai and Chen Baoliang, general manager of ledi design also attended the ceremony!



          On the scene of the conference, general manager she Cuiyun, who is in charge of operation of Nippon new high temperature, extended warm congratulations to all employees who have achieved fruitful results in 2017, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the guests attending the conference!Thank you for your full trust and support in the new platform and your attentive service to old and new customers!

          General manager she said: in 2017, through running in and efforts, each business unit has gradually entered a state of steady development.The past 2017 is the most glorious year in our new development history, so 2018 will be a year with more opportunities. In the face of a beautiful 2018, let's strive for happiness and work together!Create brilliance again in the New Year!



          Navigation depends on the helmsman, the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the pilot!At last, general manager Zhang Shili, the leader of Nippon new high temperature, delivered a concluding speech to the conference!


          In the face of 2018, president Zhang used the word "gratitude" to enlighten our younger generation. In the face of new year's opportunities, president Zhang said: "we continue to take a good turn, fully develop the spirit of the hero of the staff, and maximize the enthusiasm of everyone.With the strong support of people from all walks of life, we strive to serve our customers, and face every job in the future with gratitude. In the new year, we will make great achievements and brilliant achievements.2018, let's fight for happiness together!