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          [warm congratulations] the third quarter Mechanism Implementation Conference of

          Release date:2017-09-12 11:36:00

          [warm congratulations] the third quarter Mechanism Implementation Conference of Nippon new high temperature in 2017 was successfully concluded!

          Release date: September 12, 2017 reading times: 188

          September in autumn, we sing and dance


          Warmly congratulate Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. (www.risine. Com) on the opening of the third quarter mechanism realization conference in the production workshop of Anhui Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd!

          Golden autumn and September, just autumn and fresh air!Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. has welcomed the joy of harvest. They are warm and simple, they are full of energy. They strive to serve customers and provide first-class solutions for thermal energy technology and Engineering.... today, they are singing and dancing for the fruitful harvest after their efforts!


          Golden autumn September energy enlightens wisdom


          At this conference, all the family members of Nippon new high temperature are full of passion and smile, and welcome the joy of the harvest with the most brilliant smile.Energy can make people energetic, and the positive energy transfer at this moment benefits us a lot: the team leaders of the company set an example for us from their own point of view, and transfer extraordinary energy.Based on customer service, they summed up the gains and losses of our team in the third quarter of 2017, and delivered the power of wisdom to all the family members of Nissin from different thinking levels.


          We are encouraging and supporting to learn how to grow up. As long as you are hardworking and willing to work hard in the new high temperature, there will be unexpected gains!The "mechanism realization" link of this conference has greatly ignited the atmosphere of the scene. All colleagues of Nippon New Technology Co., Ltd. not only reaped the joy of harvest, but also understood in a deeper level in the process of team cooperation: in the process of finding a mechanism to solve problems, the enterprise rotation system relies on mechanism, and also inspired such a group of excellent employees: they practice the wisdom of enterprise rotation with their actions——Enhance the ability in the process of teamwork, create value in the process of growth, and gain profits in the process of practice!


          She used her actions to deduce the company's saving mechanism again


          Dare to say, dare to do, dare to cash


          They practice with actions: growth first, success second

          Growth comes before success.The development of an enterprise can not be separated from the hard work of every employee. Only the growth of employees can make an enterprise develop.For employees who actively create results and dare to take responsibility, they should be rewarded in a timely manner, and this positive energy should be transferred to their hard-working families in a timely manner, which is an important measure for an enterprise to help employees grow rapidly.In 2017, in the process of introducing and applying the mechanism of enterprise rotation intelligent system, Rixin high temperature also encouraged a group of elite talents in sales, technology, production and management.


          Looking forward to new students, doing more well and being efficient


          In the warm cheers, Mr. Zhang Shili, the head of Nippon new high-temperature enterprise, stepped onto the stage to congratulate all the employees who have achieved fruitful results in the third quarter of 2017, and encourage everyone to have the courage to say, do and fulfill in their work.President Zhang gave hope and encouragement to all new family members from the level of thinking consciousness: personal growth is always inseparable from the support and encouragement of the team, we should continue to take the road of turning around, in the face of our future work, we should be consistent with excellent colleagues, then we must adhere to the style of doing more, doing well and being efficient, and actively work with team leadersStudy and consult for advice, so as to fully develop the thinking consciousness of finding a mechanism to solve problems.In 2017, we are committed to providing first-class solutions for thermal energy technology: enhance capacity, create value, gain revenue, dare to say, dare to do, dare to cash in!



          [focus on corporate culture]