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          [good news, good news and good news] warm congratulations on the successful conc

          Release date:2017-01-26 11:42:00

          [good news, good news and good news] warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2017 New Year's Eve!

          Release date: January 26, 2017 reading times: 448

             Warm congratulations to Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. "roll up your sleeves to earn a lot of money" on the completion of the 2017 New Year's Eve in Hefei, Anhui Province!



          At the meeting, all the staff were full of passion, smiling to welcome the harvest year.

          2016Through the joint efforts of all the family members, the sales contract amount of the company increased by 150% year on year.In total, more than 1.4 million yuan of bonus was awarded to the conference, and the maximum individual reward for employees was more than 300000 yuan.


          2017On the afternoon of January 23, 2010, the young and beautiful hosts (Zhou Chunyan and Zhang Dan) enthusiastically opened the new year's Eve meeting!



          Team recognition:

           The core resource of today's enterprises is the team, and the team's state and fighting spirit are the core factors of team building.At the scene of the annual meeting, the four major groups of ceramic materials and equipment, carbon materials and equipment, production and manufacturing, and logistics support of Nissin company were all rubbing their hands, lighting the whole venue with laughter and passion.Through the team style display PK, the carbon materials team won the championship, won the PK gambling prize and the trophy!

          An enterprise is a platform for exchanging business results.Creating value is the eternal theme of every post and every team in the enterprise management.Through the quarterly sales performance PK, ceramic business department won the first place in the growth rate of sales contract amount and won the award of about 100000 yuan!!! Through the study of enterprise rotation intelligent system, Nissin high-temperature has segmented the business sector, and realized the enterprise system reform of "my own territory, my responsibility, my interests, my life and my experience".After two years of operation, remarkable achievements have been made and brilliant achievements have been made.The company's profit increased by 20% year on year. The person in charge of each business section grew rapidly by taking the initiative, and finally achieved both material and spiritual harvest!



          Personal commendation:

          Growth comes before success.Only the growth of employees, there is the development of enterprises.It is an important measure for enterprises to help employees grow rapidly to reward and commend the employees who create results and take responsibility in time.In 2016, in the study and application of PK mechanism and counter gambling mechanism of enterprise rotation intelligent system, a group of excellent sales, technology, production and management talents emerged in Nippon new high temperature.



          New year Outlook:

          Among the cheers, Mr. Zhang Shili, the head of Nippon new high temperature enterprise, stepped onto the stage to extend warm congratulations to all the employees who have achieved fruitful results in 2016 and express sincere thanks to all of you.Thank you for your full trust in risine platform, attentive service to new and old customers, and continuous improvement of technical production.

          In the face of 2017, president Zhang said: "we continue to take a good road of self rotation, fully develop the spirit of the hero of employees, and maximize the enthusiasm of everyone.On the basis of the huge orders signed, we will create new achievements and new brilliance.In 2017, let's roll up our sleeves and make a lot of money! "