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          Mid Autumn Festival reunion

          Release date:2016-09-15 11:48:00

          Mid Autumn Festival reunion

          Date of issue: 2016-09-15 times of reading: 183

          The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China, which is on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.August is the second month of autumn. It was called mid autumn in ancient times, while the folk commonly called it "mid autumn". Because this day is a full moon, it symbolizes reunion, so Mid Autumn Festival is also called reunion festival.

          Mid Autumn Festival has a long history.There has been a ritual system of sacrificing to the moon since ancient times in China. According to the records of Zhou Li, there were activities of "autumn equinox, night of the moon" and "mid autumn night greeting the cold".At the same time, the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the harvest of autumn food. The ancients held a series of celebrations in order to thank the gods for their protection, known as the "autumn newspaper".The Mid-Autumn Festival is the best time to enjoy the moon.

          Therefore, the sacrificial moon was gradually replaced by appreciating the moon. Although the sacrificial color faded, the festival continued and was given a new meaning.

             The moon rises in the sea, and the ends of the earth are at this time.On the occasion of family reunion in the Mid Autumn Festival, all staff of Nippon New & high temperature wish all new and old friends a happy festival, a happy career and a happy family!

               The new high temperature holiday of Mid Autumn Festival is arranged as follows: from September 15 (Thursday) to September 17 (Saturday), the holiday will be held, and the normal work will be on September 18 (Sunday).During the holiday, please contact:

          Special line for advanced ceramic equipment:

          Manager Wang 1385512484

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          Carbon material equipment line:

          Manager Zhang 13866734967

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