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          [current affairs hot spot] congratulations to Rio Olympic Chinese team on winnin

          Release date:2020-01-18 11:49:43

           [current affairs hot spot] congratulations to Rio Olympic Chinese team on winning the third gold medal

              With the closing ceremony of Rio Olympic Games held on August 22, this year's Rio Olympic Games ended perfectly.The Chinese delegation finally ranked third in the medal table with 26 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 26 bronze medals. This is the final report card of the Chinese delegation's competition in Rio Olympic Games.It was basically the same as the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, in which the Chinese Legion won 28 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 15 bronze medals, and the overall performance was basically the same.

              Coincidentally, the Sydney Olympic Games is a landmark battle in the history of China's Olympic Games. For the first time, the Chinese Legion overtook Germany and ranked in the top three of the medal table.Since then, the Chinese Legion has been in the top three in the world in several Olympic Games: in 2004, Athens Olympic Games won 32 gold medals and 63 medals, ranking second in the medal list; in 2008, Beijing Olympic Games won 51 gold medals and 100 medals, ranking first in the medal list; in 2012, London Olympic Games won 38 gold medals and 88 medals, ranking second in the medal list.

          In the past three Olympic Games, the number of gold medals and medals of the Chinese delegation has been decreasing, and the ranking has dropped from the first to the third.The author believes that this is the result of a variety of factors: first, after the Beijing Olympic Games, the domestic Olympic fever has abated, coupled with the factors that no longer have the advantages of time, place and people, it is inevitable that the performance has declined, and the hosts of previous Olympic Games have appeared this phenomenon; second, some traditional strong teams in China are out of touch with each other.Taking advantage of the Beijing Olympic Games, China's sports strength has increased significantly. The number of gold medals in most of the events in that Olympic Games has increased significantly. The fashion of London Olympic Games can eat some old roots. Nowadays, the main force still has the ability to win gold has not been much. Third, the psychological quality needs to be improved.At the Rio Olympics, Chinese athletes lost some gold medals for subjective and objective reasons.In fact, whether these pressures come from the outside or the inside, the key factors or their own psychology are not strong enough.In this respect, Chinese women's volleyball players, long Qingquan, Fu Haifeng / Zhang Nan and some foreign athletes have shown strong comprehensive strength that is worth learning.


              26Gold medals and 70 medals, to a certain extent, reflect the basic strength of the Chinese delegation, proving that China is still recognized as one of the Olympic powers.Congratulations to the Chinese Olympic team!