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          [kick off meeting report 3] team style: the most beautiful scenery on the road o

          Release date:2020-01-18 11:50:45

          [kick off meeting report 3] team style: the most beautiful scenery on the road of enterprise rotation

              The mental state of a team determines their work efficiency, which represents the power of the platform. The mentality determines the state and the state determines the result. To bring a team is to bring ambition, desire and state.

              The first one is our transcendence team (all the family members in the headquarters of Nissin). Their slogan is: surpass ourselves, surpass dreams!Every time we come to the stage, we always try our best to do our service well. We are really rich!!!


          Where are our opponents? They are vigorous, energetic and passionate. There are no weak soldiers under the strong generals. The style of our mature team is unique!Our - Team 1, they shouted slogans: nisin is here for me, and I am here for nisin!For the dream, don't forget the original intention: to provide first-class solutions for thermal energy technology and engineering.


          Where is the result

          The result is: 3... 2... 1... The winning team is our surpassing team!Surprises keep coming!Raise a soldier for a thousand days!In Japan as long as efforts, as long as there is a plan, as long as the goal is clear, there will be harvest, really do it and get rich!!!

              When the music starts again, our second group of competition team will be on the stage soon. They are handsome, swaggering, shouting slogans, and appear in front of us in a different attitude. This is our team 2. Their slogan is: the comer can fight, the battler can win, and the peak can dance together!There is a great momentum.In this era of rapid economic development, innovation is the key to the progress of the times!

              Next on the stage is our No. 3 team. They are simple and capable. They have built our products with a pair of skilful hands. They are our production team. No. 3 team. Their slogan is: Japanese new workers have power, hi!Japanese new workers have power!Strength!Where is their demeanor: they are passionate, this power is iron, this power is steel, steel like power to build our heroic team, we really work hard and become rich!!!