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          Warmly congratulate Hefei on the completion of the new high temperature mechanis

          Release date:2019-09-23 17:20:00

           Warmly congratulate Hefei on the completion of the new high temperature mechanism meeting

          Published on: September 23, 2019 reading times: 88

          The golden autumn of September, the harvest season.On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Hefei Rixin High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. will hold the mid-2019 mechanism realization conference as scheduled!


          The mechanism fulfills the scene of the conference, with smiling faces and encouraging words, all expressing the joy and expectation of the new people in these days.


          Cash in the old mechanism and sign a new one.Employees continue to get growth, improve profits, enterprises continue to develop and create social benefits!


          Enterprise rotation, boss liberation, employees bloom!In a warm applause, Hefei Rixin high temperature mid-2019 mechanism implementation conference successfully concluded.And the new journey of our friends is just beginning. Let's work together to create a bright tomorrow and a happy future!