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          Nippon high temperature pays attention to the new products of graphene manufactu

          Release date:2018-01-11 14:14:00

          Nippon high temperature pays attention to the new products of graphene manufacturing, which will be launched at the end of the year, and is committed to being the pioneer in the field of graphene production equipment!

          Release date: January 11, 2018 reading times: 196

          Graphene - "cool"




          Are keyboard families often bothered by the sound of typing in the middle of the night?Are burn patients still bothered by the frequent infection of transplanted skin?Young and cool soundtrack, do you want to have a smart phone that can bend?All of these will be due to the birth of graphene, not just a dream.

          According to relevant reports, it was learned from the 2017 investment project signing ceremony and achievement conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that graphene flexible smart phones and smart phones will be launched at the end of the year, and "artificial skin" will also enter clinical trials at the end of the year.


          It is reported that the contracted projects are based on graphene flexible mobile phones, smart watches, transparent keyboards, water-based anti-corrosion coatings for containers and graphene polymer composite artificial skin. As soon as the end of this year, citizens can buy high-tech products based on graphene.


            Graphene health smart Watch


          "Olefin" era

          Flexible transparent keyboard foldable into briefcase

          In the future, when people go on business, they can even bend and fold the computer keyboard into a briefcase.


                                         Crimpable touch screen phone

          The product already has small-scale trial production capacity and will be launched in mass production by the end of this year.


                                            Artificial skin

          At present, the "graphene polymer composite artificial skin" has entered the clinical trial stage in a Burn Research Institute of a hospital, and will soon enter the clinical application.


                                           Portable instrument

          It is reported that this portable diagnostic instrument has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high selectivity, high accuracy, high accuracy, no need for labeling, fast and cheap.After the successful development of the product, it can even be equipped to community hospitals, which will benefit the general public.



                                           Health smart Watch

          Compared with similar products in the market, it has the characteristics of high accuracy, strong function and high cost performance.




          What is graphene?

             Graphene is a kind of hexagonal sheet which is composed of six carbon elements and connected with each other in two-dimensional plane like benzene ring.It's also called graphene sheet.To roll this thin sheet into a tube is a carbon nanotube, and multilayer is a graphite.Graphene, known as the "king of materials" in the new century.Graphene is predicted by scientists to "completely change the 21st century".Its application is likely to set off a subversive revolution sweeping the world.

              As a member of the industry, Hefei risine Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to be a pioneer in the field of graphene material preparation!



          Focus on participation

              Since its establishment in 1998, the company has rapidly grown into an electric kiln production and manufacturing enterprise with strong R & D strength, complete design tools, advanced processing technology and complete production equipment, with an annual production capacity of 500 sets of experimental electric furnaces and 200 sets of industrial kilns.Among them, the production lines for graphene preparation are complete, from laboratory to production line to large-scale production equipment, which is a good helper for the production of graphene trusted by famous enterprises and research institutes of universities in the industry!



          CVD series vacuum atmosphere tube furnace

              Application fields: it is widely used in high, medium and low temperature CVD processes, such as the development of graphene, the development of carbon nanotubes, the controllable growth of nano oxidation structure, etc. it is also suitable for diffusion welding of metal materials and heat treatment in vacuum or protective atmosphere.





          RGL series graphene pilot production line

              Application field: it is designed for the pilot production line of graphene and the experiment and production of graphene preparation. Its equipment adopts advanced FEC insulation fiber, KTL resistance wire heating, imported temperature control device from Japan, and unique sealing device.With the characteristics of uniform temperature, stable control, small temperature disturbance, fast temperature rise, energy saving, high service temperature and long service life, it is an ideal production equipment for enterprises.






          Rsmxl series graphene expansion furnace

          Application: rsmxl series graphene expansion furnace is specially designed for the preparation of powdered graphene and the pilot production line of graphene.The unique performance of Haval vertical structure, pre vacuumizing system, imported single circuit intelligent temperature control system has won the trust and support of friends from famous enterprises at home and abroad. The equipment has been put into batch production and test!



          For more highlights, please search: http://www.escapehouseleon.com


          Looking forward to the future

              Graphene preparation faces many opportunities and challenges. In order to achieve a breakthrough in graphene preparation research, we need to increase the cultivation of innovative talents and carry out more extensive and effective global cooperation.In this prosperous era of national industry, all colleagues of Nippon new high temperature hope to make friends with people of insight in the industry and add bricks and tiles to the field of high temperature preparation of graphene related materials for the motherland through joint efforts - because we have always adhered to the mission of the enterprise: to provide first-class solutions for thermal energy technology engineering!