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          What is carbon fiber?What are the carbon fiber production equipment?

          Release date:2016-12-01 17:12:00

          What is carbon fiber?What are the carbon fiber production equipment?

          Release date: December 1, 2016 reading times: 774

          1.What is carbon fiber?

          Carbon fiber (CF) is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus, which contains more than 95% carbon.It is a kind of microcrystalline graphite material which is made of organic fibers such as flake graphite microcrystalline and piled up along the axial direction of the fiber.The carbon fiber developed and produced by Hefei risine Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus, which is lighter than aluminum, but stronger than steel. It is an important material in national defense, military industry and civil engineering.It not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon material, but also has the soft processability of textile fiber. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

          Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, such as high axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific property, no creep, super high temperature resistance in non oxidation environment, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and conductivity between non-metal and metal, small coefficient of thermal expansion and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, good X-ray transmission.Good conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding, etc.

          Compared with the traditional glass fiber, the young's modulus of carbon fiber is more than 3 times; compared with Kevlar fiber, the young's modulus is about 2 times, insoluble in organic solvent, acid and alkali, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

          2.Technical points of carbon fiber production

          In order to get high quality carbon fiber, we need to pay attention to the following technical points:

          (1) The primary task of preparing high-performance carbon fiber is to realize high purification, high strengthening, densification and smooth surface.

          The production of carbon fiber starts from the polymerization monomer of the precursor.The quality of precursor not only determines the properties of carbon fiber, but also restricts its production cost.High quality PAN precursor is the first necessary condition for manufacturing high performance carbon fiber.

          (2) The minimization of impurity defects is the fundamental measure to improve the tensile strength of carbon fiber, and it is also a hot topic for researchers.In a sense, the process of improving strength is essentially the process of reducing and reducing defects.

          (3) In the process of preoxidation, the time of preoxidation should be shortened as much as possible on the premise of homogenization.This is the direction of reducing production costs.The carbon fiber preoxidation furnace produced by Hefei risine Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the national patent.

          (4) Research high temperature technology, high temperature equipment and related important components.The high temperature carbonization temperature is generally 1300-1800 ℃, and the graphitization temperature is generally 2500-3000 ℃.At such a high temperature, it is necessary to operate continuously and improve the service life of the equipment, so it is particularly important to study the new generation of high-temperature technology and high-temperature equipment.Such as microwave, plasma and induction heating under inert gas protection and oxygen free state.

          3.Necessary equipment for carbon fiber production

          1) . carbon fiber preoxidation furnace

          Carbon fiber preoxidation furnace is specially designed and applied to heat treatment of high performance carbon fiber (viscose based carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber, PAN based carbon fiber) materials under 350 ℃



          2) . carbon fiber carbonization furnace

          High temperature carbonization furnace and medium and low temperature carbonization furnace are specially used for carbonization of high-performance carbon fiber (viscose based carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber, PAN based carbon fiber) materials at 1600 ℃ and below 1000 ℃.




          4.Carbon fiber equipment manufacturer

          Hefei risine Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer that can independently complete the construction of carbon fiber production line. risine carbon fiber production equipment has been successfully applied to famous carbon fiber manufacturers at home and abroad.

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