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          The new material is Tiangong No.2, which is strong and strong

          Release date:2016-09-19 10:08:00

          The new material is Tiangong No.2, which is strong and strong

          Release date: September 19, 2016 reading times: 216

              On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Long March II f-t2 carrier rocket successfully launched Tiangong II into space. Tiangong II is also the first real space laboratory in China.The space laboratory of tiangong-2 needs to stay in outer space for a long time, so the requirements for materials are extremely strict. The new materials developed and manufactured in Harbin are about to undergo the test of space.

          Building "Tiangong No.2" skeleton with northeast light alloy aluminum alloy

              Without a strong skeleton, we can't do the work in outer space.The reporter learned from the Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd that most of the aluminum alloy materials needed for the resource cabin and experimental cabin of the "tiangong-2" space laboratory came from the East light.East light is the designated manufacturer of aluminum magnesium alloy materials for Shenzhou series spacecraft and long march series rocket. The fuel cabin, manned cabin (escape cabin), orbital cabin and satellite of long march series rocket and Shenzhou spacecraft propulsion cabin, and the resource cabin and experimental cabin of Tiangong-1 target aircraft need a large number of aluminum alloy materials, most of which are produced by East light.

              As a space laboratory, "tiangong-2" will stay in outer space for a long time, and its requirements for aluminum alloy materials are almost strict.In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the quality of these high-performance materials, in the process of development and production, in view of the actual situation of large investment, complex specifications, more varieties and less consumption in the early stage of aerospace products, Dongqing Light Industry Co., Ltd. has specially opened up a green channel, with technicians on duty 24 hours a day.

             All the quality checks and trial adjustments are carried out to ensure the absolute reliability of each batch of products. It is these seemingly insignificant details that provide an absolute guarantee for the smooth launching of tiangong-2. The aluminum alloy products of Dongqing Light Company are the strong strength of tiangong-2.

          The skeleton of tiangong-2 is made in Harbin, and the propellant is also made in Harbin.The reporter learned from Harbin FRP Research Institute that the Institute has undertaken three projects, i.e. the main bearing cone of carbon fiber composite, the carbon fiber bottom plate of thermal infrared imager and the carbon fiber shield.

              Wang Shiwei, director of the development and Research Department of Harbin FRP Research Institute, told reporters that the main bearing cone platform of carbon fiber composite materials consists of three components: the cutting cone, the cross beam and the honeycomb plate.Due to its light weight, designable and high strength, carbon fiber composite is mainly responsible for carrying four propellant tanks on the propulsion system.In addition, the main bearing cone of Tiangong-1 is also developed by Harbin FRP Research Institute.In addition to the propellant, the imaging system on tiangong-2 is also supported by the products of Harbin FRP Research Institute.One is the carbon fiber base plate of the thermal infrared imager, the other is the carbon fiber shield. These two tasks are also undertaken by Harbin FRP Research Institute for the first time.

              As a manufacturer of carbon fiber material production line equipment, risine is committed to making due contribution to the development of carbon fiber materials in China!