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          How good are the new super strong carbon fiber materials?

          Release date:2016-09-19 10:10:00

          How good are the new super strong carbon fiber materials?
          Release date: September 19, 2016 reading times: 376

          3dynamic systems (3DS), a UK based company specializing in biological 3D printing and Research on biological 3D printers, has just launched a high-strength carbon fiber 3D printing wire for any desktop FDM 3D printer.The strength of the new wire is much stronger than that of ABS and PLA wire on the market.

          3DS entered the aerospace field in 2014 through its 3D printing wire of carbon fiber.It should be pointed out that carbon fiber materials have properties that other materials do not: light weight, high strength, high conductivity, high corrosion resistance.While 3D printing technology can provide rapid design iteration, manufacture complex parts which can not be completed by traditional technology, and make the design more free.It is reported that the tensile strength of the new carbon fiber can reach 105 MPa (more than 3 times of the tensile strength of ABS and PLA wires).

          In addition, 3ds researchers explained that the new composite wire can be printed at 210 ℃ - 220 ℃, without heating the printing bed, and its first layer adhesion is excellent.

          I'm sure you'd like to know where this new carbon fiber 3D printing wire can be used.It can be used to make parts of UAV or remote control vehicle, and also to make usable parts for your bike or other tools.The 3D printing wire can also be used in small batch production, rapid manufacturing of molds and the establishment of any type of custom parts.

              It is exciting that the research of 3DS is not only limited to this new carbon fiber 3D printing wire, but also plans to launch concrete wire for industrial use in early 2017.Let's look forward to it!