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          How long will China&apos;s carbon fiber industry be under control?

          Release date:2016-07-20 10:13:00

          How long will China's carbon fiber industry be under control?
          Release date: July 20, 2016 reading times: 77

                5On June 26, China glass fiber composite information network released a news that one of the major domestic carbon fiber raw wire manufacturers, Zhongfu Shenying carbon fiber company's 1000 ton T800 raw wire production line was put into production.It is reported that the production line is based on the T700 Carbon fiber production line put into operation in 2012.T800 carbon fiber is the highest strength carbon fiber that can be mass produced in the world at present. It has a broad application prospect in aerospace and other fields.At present, the carbon fiber (including other types of carbon fiber) is still an embargo product against China.


              On April 14, 2016, a U.S. Court sued a Chinese citizen for smuggling high-performance carbon fibers to the Chinese military, VOA reported.Since 2011, the businessman, Fuyi Frank sun, has tried to illegally acquire m60jb-3000-50b carbon fiber.However, the U.S. company that contacted him and claimed to be able to sell the carbon fiber is actually the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's camouflage company (UC company).It is said in the indictment that sun used "banana" to replace carbon fiber when he contacted a disguised agent disguised as an American businessman.



             This is not the first time that the alleged smuggling of carbon fiber has led to arrests.In May 2015, due to the suspected export of carbon fiber produced by Japanese companies that can be converted into military purposes to China, the Foreign Affairs Department of Hyogo County police arrested three persons including Jin Fuji, chairman of "polyethylene Chemistry Co., Ltd." of Luwu trading company in the county, for violating the foreign exchange and Foreign Trade Law (export without certificate).It is said to be the first case in Japan where police arrested people suspected of illegally exporting carbon fiber.


          Kondo Shoji

                2013In August, Zhang mingsuan Zhang, a Chinese businessman, was jailed for 57 months on charges of trying to illegally buy advanced carbon fibers used in military aircraft.According to Mingli Chen, a lawyer, Zhang Ming is a sporting goods manufacturer who wants to use carbon fiber for hockey rolls and other products.

                2013In April 2004, businessmen in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province were accused of being "Chinese spies" by the Homeland Security Department of the country for buying T-800 carbon fiber in the United States.Ma Lisong was stopped by several homeland security agents at Los Angeles Airport. The other side said it had intercepted Ma Lisong's postal package, suspected that he violated the international emergency economic power law and arrested him.Ma Lisong admitted in the federal court of the Eastern District of New York on May 30 local time that the purchase of weapon grade carbon fiber T-800 carbon fiber from the United States violates the country's international emergency economic power law.Ma's lawyer said Ma didn't buy them for the Chinese government or the military.


          Ma Lisong's Plastic Factory

                2012In, the FBI arrested three people (one American and two Iranians) and accused them of illegally exporting carbon fiber to Iran, which could be used for weapons development, including nuclear weapons.The three are trying to export three tons of carbon fiber to Iran, eventually to China.The fourth accomplice, a Turkish, is still under search.

                In the same year, another FBI arrest foiled an attempt by a Chinese citizen, Zhang Mingshun, to illegally acquire carbon fiber.The suspected item is m60jb carbon fiber, which costs US $2000 per kilogram (almost twice the price of silver), and is an important part of China's still under development stealth fighter (j-20, j-31).Obviously, China has obtained some of these fibers, and in this case, the purchase volume is under negotiation to reach 20 tons.

                China has been accused for decades of illegally acquiring materials and devices.Although Internet based spies are more likely to steal documents, they often need more tangible items, such as two tons of carbon fiber.

          Why the United States and Japan ban carbon fiber from China

                Carbon fiber, known as the "king of new materials", is a kind of material with excellent physical properties. It can withstand high temperature without losing strength and has good corrosion resistance to general acid and alkali. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, national defense and military industry and other fields, and plays an important role in supporting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and safeguarding national defense security.Due to the characteristics of high-tech content and high profit return of carbon fiber, western countries and Japan and other carbon fiber powers have imposed an embargo on China, especially in terms of the import of polyacrylonitrile (Pan) precursor production technology.

          How to break through difficulties in China

                The development of carbon fiber in China is not too late. Before and after Dongli company developed carbon fiber, China began to develop carbon fiber independently.Unfortunately, after nearly 40 years of development since the mid-1970s, the overall research and production level of China's carbon fiber industry is still very backward, unable to compete with the US and Japan companies in the market.At the same time, the global key technologies of PAN based carbon fiber are mainly in the hands of Japanese companies, which block China's equipment and technology for a long time. At the same time, relying on its advanced technical advantages, the price of domestic carbon fiber industry is suppressed, which makes the development of domestic carbon fiber industry difficult.

                In recent years, with the government's support in industrial policies, China's carbon fiber industry has been in full bloom and fast drying. The planned carbon fiber capacity in all parts of the country even exceeds that of the world outside China.But this is just a false prosperity. The high cost and low yield of carbon fiber result in low operating rate of carbon fiber, and the output is far from meeting the domestic demand.At present, China's carbon fiber industry is still in a chaotic stage of waves and waves. The only enterprises that can succeed in the future may be those that pay attention to technological research, product quality and focus on high-performance products.

                2016On February 5, 2005, the major scientific and technological research project "T700 Carbon Fiber carbonization pilot production line and process research" undertaken by Heilongjiang carbon fiber composite leading enterprise and Harbin Tianshun Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. passed the expert appraisal organized by Heilongjiang Science and technology department.According to the appraisal committee headed by academician Du Shanyi, President of China composite society, Tianshun company takes the carbon fiber raw silk independently developed and produced as the raw material, and through process optimization, the carbon fiber production process and equipment technology developed by Tianshun company with full independent intellectual property rights have reached the international advanced level, and its products can replace imports.


                Jiangsu aviation science and Technology Co., Ltd. completed the first 25 ton T800 carbon fiber production line in 2012, but it has not really realized industrialization.

                2015On July 2, 2004, China Textile Industry Federation organized and held the technical achievement appraisal meeting of "key technology and industrialization of high performance carbon fiber of thousand ton high strength and high strength medium model dry jet wet spinning" project jointly undertaken by Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., Donghua University and Jiangsu yingyou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in Lianyungang.Sun Jinliang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that Zhongfu Shenying took the lead in building the first carbon fiber production line based on the dry jet wet spinning process in China, among which syt49 is a thousand ton scale (12K) and syt55 is a hundred ton scale (12K), achieving continuous and stable operation.


          China's carbon fiber industry should make an article in increasing technology digestion, absorption, re innovation and upgrading; at the same time, it should issue industrial policy support for carbon fiber innovation and upgrading and downstream product development at the national level, vigorously develop the application market, stimulate its demand, and significantly reduce inventory.China's carbon fiber industry chain is not complete, there are some priorities.The healthy development of the whole industry should be that the downstream drives the upstream, while the downstream innovation in China is insufficient. Everyone is imitating and selling products, and lacks the ability of customized solutions.

                In the future, the extent to which domestic carbon fiber can be developed needs the efforts of every carbon fiber person.As a high-performance carbon fiber production line equipment manufacturer, risine will make unremitting efforts for the brilliant future of China's carbon fiber production with our advantages and achievements in high-performance carbon fiber production line equipment manufacturing and research!We are doing it because we believe that tomorrow will be better!