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          Successful development of Nippon new high temperature "graphene special furnace

          Release date:2016-01-10 11:59:00

          Successful development of Nippon new high temperature "graphene special furnace"

          Release date: January 10, 2016 reading times: 167

               A few days ago, the R & D team of Nippon new high temperature sent good news that the R & D work of Nippon new first "graphene special furnace" was successfully completed and successfully delivered to the customer's site.

          "Graphene special furnace" is specially designed for the preparation of powdered graphene.The powdered graphite is fed into the heating furnace cavity by the frequency control motor through the twin-screw, and the light carbon powder is sent into the temperature uniform heating furnace cavity by nitrogen for high-temperature expansion.After high temperature treatment, the carbon powder is filtered by the cloth bag, collected and entered the next process.It is very important to provide uniform temperature during the whole expansion process.The furnace adopts FEC ceramic fiber tube for heat preservation, KTL resistance wire for heating, and high-quality quartz tube for gas refining as furnace, with vertical structure.It can pre pump negative pressure and pass protection / reaction gas; it is controlled by imported single loop temperature controller, and the temperature zone is designed with diaphragm structure, with even temperature.The whole set of equipment has the advantages of convenient operation, stable control, uniform temperature, small temperature disturbance, fast temperature rise, safety and reliability, good sealing performance, good heat preservation effect, long service life, energy saving, etc.

          Our company is another important achievement after the project of "pre oxidation furnace of high performance carbon fiber material production line".The successful development of this project marks a new stage of the research and development of Nippon new high temperature.