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          Wood distillation and drying tray fumigation furnace

          Release date:2015-05-06 12:01:00

          Wood distillation and drying tray fumigation furnace
          Release date: May 6, 2015 reading times: 85

                 Recently, the R & D subsidiary of Hefei risine Co., Ltd. reported that the "tray fumigant" jointly developed by our company and Hefei University has passed the customer's acceptance and will be delivered for use in the near future.This is another important breakthrough of our company in the field of hot air circulation furnace equipment.

                 Tray fumigant is specially designed for wood distillation and drying.According to the user's process requirements and the design ideas proposed in the imported equipment drawings, the heating mode of the equipment adopts the classic hot air circulation principle, which greatly improves the temperature uniformity.The inner chamber of the furnace is made of water and steam resistant, high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate; the temperature control instrument is controlled by the intelligent program temperature controller imported from Japan, which has the functions of P, I, D parameter self-tuning and manual revision, as well as the power-off alarm protection functions such as over temperature, under temperature and couple breaking.This equipment is very suitable for the experiment of scientific research institutions and the mass production of enterprises.

                 In line with the design idea of fully combining the user's technological requirements, we use the professional kiln design concept and rich kiln design experience.Compared with other related equipment, this equipment has obvious superior performance:

                 1Stable and reliable operation of the whole machine - after more than ten times of improvement, optimization, detail improvement, quality control of core components, and solidification of production process; stable and reliable operation of the whole equipment.

                 2High temperature control accuracy and stability - Advanced 0.1 level temperature control instrument, unique control mode, reasonable power distribution, temperature accuracy and stability reach the best state, improving the heat treatment quality of products.

                 3Good temperature uniformity and repeatability - the furnace adopts classic hot air circulation heating and high quality light fiber materials, and the temperature uniformity and repeatability of the equipment have been improved.