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          how to evaluate the advanced nature, excellence and economy of ceramic kilns

          Release date:2011-05-13 12:11:00

          how to evaluate the advanced nature, excellence and economy of ceramic kilns

          Release date: May 13, 2011 reading times: 23

          With the progress of science and technology, the renewal of design methods and the development and utilization of new fuels, ceramic kilns have also been developing at a high speed. How to evaluate their advanced nature should start with the following aspects.1. The key of firing quality kiln is to be able to produce good products. Although there are many factors affecting the quality of products, as a new kiln, it must be able to well control the temperature uniformity of each belt and section of each firing stage.2. The modern industrial development trend of single kiln production capacity is large-scale production, so the larger the production capacity of single kiln, the better.Otherwise, in order to meet the demand of production capacity, the number of kilns is too large, not only the production line is complex, but also the land area is large, the investment is large, the labor force is needed and the cost is increased.3. Production flexibility kiln should be able to adapt to different kinds of products, and it is very easy and fast to change production. In addition, in order to adapt to holidays and rest, the kiln should have fast ignition and temperature rise time, and change the long ignition and temperature rise time of traditional kiln.4. It is important for modern ceramic kilns to reduce unit heat consumption per unit energy consumption, because modern ceramic kilns mainly use high price clean fuel, and reducing unit heat consumption plays an important role in reducing product cost.5. Automation level because of the high automation level of the kiln, it can control the temperature system, atmosphere system and pressure system in the kiln accurately, and provide accurate process parameters for rapid firing.At the same time, it can also establish a multi-level distributed control system, and combine it with the enterprise production management system, which is convenient for modern management.6. The service life of modern ceramic kiln must have long service life and long overhaul period.According to the regulations of our country, the depreciation life of imported kilns is 15 years. Most of modern ceramic kilns are of assembly structure, and the kilns are stopped and dried quickly.Therefore, the maintenance of kiln is much easier and more convenient than that of old kiln. It is important to have complete spare parts.In order to produce stably and efficiently, modern ceramic kilns should have a long period of maintenance.7. Investment in unit production capacity is an economic indicator, because the larger the production capacity of a single kiln, the smaller the investment in unit production capacity and the lower the cost.8. Environmental protection level modern kilns must have a high level of environmental protection ability.The evaluation of environmental protection level of kiln lies in the emission of SO2, SO3, NOx, Co, CO2 smoke and dust, as well as the increase of temperature and noise to workshop.