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          Warm congratulations on the grand opening of "new high temperature University"

          Release date:2015-09-15 09:46:00

           With the completion of the theoretical examination of "special training for all staff marketing" in Rixin high school on September 2, the theoretical stage of the first training course "special training for all staff marketing" in Rixin high school in Hefei came to a successful end.

            The next day's new high temperature "all staff marketing special training" is composed of two parts: "basic knowledge of heat treatment" and "kiln marketing skills". In this way, the combination of theory and practice is used to train and train the new Japanese kiln professional knowledge and marketing skills.


                The professional theory part of the whole staff marketing special training was explained by Mr. Jiang Heshan, general manager of Hefei risine research and development company, while the marketing skills and practical operation part were explained by Mr. Cao Pingjun, general manager of Anhui gold medal Tianwei ceramics and lecturer of intelligent entrepreneurs, Mr. Zhang Shili, general manager and lecturer of Hefei risine, and vice marketing of Hefei risine research and development companyMr. Zhang Shizhu, 2014 sales champion of the general manager and risine, explained respectively.From the source of the kiln, the classification of heat treatment equipment, the technical indicators of the kiln, the classification and application of refractories, from the core lifeblood of the new high temperature marketing personnel to the analysis of the target market, from the setting of performance objectives to the final decomposition and completion, the series of knowledge points are connected in series, like a string of scattered pearls into a beautiful necklace, dazzling.


          With the perfect completion of the theoretical examination, the "new high temperature school" has a gorgeous opening.