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          Japan new high temperature technology innovation has achieved fruitful results

          Release date:2014-07-30 09:50:00

          Japan new high temperature technology innovation has achieved fruitful results
          Release date: July 30, 2014 reading times: 71





                      Science is the source of technology and technology is the source of industry. Technological innovation is based on the discovery of scientific principles, while industrial innovation is mainly based on technological innovation.Therefore, technological innovation is the cornerstone and driving force for the continuous development and growth of enterprises.

              Adhering to the traditional technology and introducing foreign advanced technology concept, Nippon new high temperature has always adhered to the road of technology research and development of introduction, digestion and re absorption, placing technology research and development in the first place of enterprise development.In the first half of 2014, the company made fruitful achievements in production process innovation, product performance structure innovation, equipment performance upgrading and transformation, as well as new product research and development, and applied for more than 20 invention patents.

              In terms of production process innovation, the company makes a series of innovation incentive mechanisms to encourage employees to get inspiration from conventional production process or a phenomenon in their respective posts, and then produce a process innovation and improvement under the inspiration, so as to better solve the problems encountered in production, and greatly improve production efficiency and product qualityHigh.

              Secondly, in terms of product performance structure innovation and equipment performance upgrading and transformation, the company's marketing and technical personnel understand the use environment and heat treatment process of the equipment through continuous communication and exchange with customers on the use process and performance of the equipment, and constantly test, improve and innovate, so as to achieve the customer's process requirements and customer satisfaction.

              In the aspect of new product R & D, through technical exchange and on-site inspection with foreign counterparts, through comparison and comparison, we can accurately understand the shortcomings of our own products, introduce foreign advanced technology, digest and improve our own process parameters and process performance, and apply the final improvement results to the R & D of new products.

              The most fundamental goal of technological innovation strategy is to improve the profitability of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.It's not just about improving sales or product performance, or about new products or services. What's more, it's about changing the competitive position and reestablishing the competitive advantage of an enterprise at a new and more favorable point.This will also be the future development direction of Nippon new high temperature. It will gather the new achievements of Nippon new technology and revitalize the industry of the nation, and strive to provide systematic solutions for thermal energy technology engineering.