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          Leak detection method of vacuum equipment

          Release date:2020-01-15 16:59:45

          Leak detection method of vacuum equipment

          Release date: August 31, 2011 reading times: 35

          During the use of vacuum equipment, if it is found that the vacuum cannot be pumped up or the vacuum degree cannot be maintained for a certain period of time, it may be the leakage of pipeline and connecting parts or the failure of vacuum pump.For leakage, a simple inspection method is to fill the containers and pipes with gas, ensure that there are micro positive pressure inside them, use small sprinkler for watering flowers, and then apply detergent, laundry powder and soap solution, then spray to each part of the pipeline and container. At this time, if a certain part froth, it is indicated that this part is a leak point, then it is disposed to eliminate leakage.Until a vacuum can be drawn.